About Us

About Us

Our company, registered under the name of VEMA Construction Materials in 1994 and been operating in the sector since 1989 withholds the leading position in manufacturing and assembly of window, door, shutter and winter garden systems with its experience of 30 years.

Our company has manufacturing capacity of 800 windows per day and is locomotive of the sector with its modern machinery pool located at its plant of 3250 m2 area.

Moreover, our company has the Manufacturing and Service Adequacy Certificates issued by Turkish Standards Institution and has the adequacy of Issuing Warranty Deed and After-Sale Services Certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and also holds ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate.

While average life of the companies in our sector is 2 years, our company provides maintenance guarantee for 2 years based upon its history of 30 years full of quality and praise.

Among our company´s indispensable principles are realization of our processes at a high quality level and continuous improvement in this area with participation of all employers, protection of environment, worker´s health and convenient working environment.

The primary mission is always catching up with better, improving constantly and reaching to perfection

According to our quality policy, even if our commitment is fulfilled when our products are used by the consumer and satisfied them, we should not content with this result and carry the quality beyond satisfaction of the consumer, to the point at which our customers may give reference about us without hesitation. This is because customer satisfaction is crucial in the sectors for which expectations and perceptions are not clear, are deprived of standardization and  special orders are practiced and growth of the companies are led by our loyal customers who are satisfied with the product and service and praises and recommends for them.

For this reason, ´´CUSTOMER´´ is the most valuable asset to our company even if they are not included in our financial statements therefore, our customer should receive the worth of the promise we made them. Our company will keep its promises regardless of any difficulty.

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