GENEO profile width of 86 mm is the best window profile system in terms of the energy in the market at present. In this way, with GENEO profiles, the best windows with energy efficiency of its class are produced. Always, you create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable as you wish. RAU-FIPRO, innovative material prescription RAU-FIPRO, works for the highest basic resistance and connection resistance and static features that have been impossible without steel so far. After plane and Formula 1 construction, with RAU-FIPRO, material with fiber composition is used for window construction for the first time.

• Profile width: 86 mm / mid seal
• Number of cubby: 6 cubbies
• Heat insulation: up to Uf=0,85 W/m²K
• Energy saving: up to 76% (comparison base: wooden/synthetic window of Uw =2,7 W/m²K )
• Material: RAU-FIPRO with fiber composition, external layer with co extrusion from high quality RAU-PVC for the best surface quality
• Sound insulation: Resistance Class without steel support plate up to 5, Rw,P = 47 dBRw = 50 dB with glazing
• Theft protection: up to Resistance Class 3, Resistance Class without steel up to 2
• Without additional steel support plate full support plate window system
• Great resistance thanks to high technology raw material RAU-FIPRO
• Perfect profile structure and integrated reinforcement system
• GENEO windows can be applied for the passive houses by using convenient glass
• view width of 115 mm for the most convenient reflection of light
• Reasonable storing and production thanks to full support plate
• Easier processing and installing thanks to weight advantage up to 40% compared to traditional glass
• Function cubbies with thermo module for the most convenient insulation features
• Wide glass space of 66 mm for application of triple glazing
• Decreased closing pressure and in this way, easier closing and opening by means of newly developed shape of seal
• Recyclable, eco-friendly
• Numerous architectural options thanks to special shapes, for example, round window, triangular window on which corrugated and checkered structure shape can be applied with full support plate for the first time.
• Wide application systems by means of coloring with decoration folios or painting
• Light grey seal on white profiles and black seal on colorful profiles make it more evident.
• Slope of 20° and external radius of 5 mm for smart external appearance
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