Tilt and Turn Systems

  • It provides both normal and transom opening
  • It can be practiced for window and door
  • In window and door, while opening, it provides ventilation with transom opening without sweeping
  • In transom position, even when locking with cork heading and Hoppe secustic handles, security is assured

Double and Turn Systems

  • It has all the features of double opening system
  • It can be used with double wings by means of meeting rail or on the second wing, with hidden handle from espagnolette without meeting rail when single wing is not enough
  • When one of the wings is opened two sided to right or left by means of a handle, the other wing can be opened by hidden handle

Slider Systems

  • It is ideal for wide and high openings
  • It harmonizes with outer environment when opened and it can be used without threshold
  • Two wings move on the rail in parallel with each other
  • Its light mechanism makes it easy to use

Lift and Slide Systems

  • It is ideal for wide and high openings
  • It provides high insulation because it settles on the floor when sealing system used on the wings and wing (You may find insulation values in Rehau part)
  • It provides easy sliding by means of wing’s rising when opened -With automation system that may be applied, opening with motorized remote controller may be provided

Tilt and Slide Systems

  • When window handle is turned firstly, the wing takes the position of ventilation, with the second movement; it is opened completely and slides
  • It has full automatic types that can be closed only by an arm movement or semi automatic types that can be closed by an arm or pushing movement
  • It provides the most insulation amongst all sliding systems
  • It is an ideal solution for the places where you don’t want to lose space because of wing sweeping.

Fold and Slide Systems

  • They are the systems practiced to make use of very wide openings without interruption in the places like garden, pool sides or terrace exits
  • When opened it is possible to provide very wide openings that cannot be provided with normal sliding systems even though glazing bars are seen when closed
  • When it is in the closed position, door passing may be provided by opening a single wing
  • It has high insulation features

Pivot Systems

  • Wing moves axially either horizontally or vertically
  • It gives a possibility for very big openable windows without meeting rail
  • It provides effective ventilation thanks to the air flow through the both sides
  • It has got a high carrying capacity; it never has any stretching/hanging problem that may come out with time in big wings in classic openings
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