Our Production Facility

We are making production with the capacity of 800 windows per day with leaving no room for error in our modern facilities with a field of 3250 m2 located in Dudullu Umraniye with full automatic computer aided CNC machines and 4 head full automatic numerical control source department. With the quality that we have in our production facilities, we have kept up with the European standards and also, in the proportion of speed/quality, we meet the German standards more than enough. In order to provide these standards, we use the top quality German goods, accessories and materials. Moreover, we subject the final product to a strict quality control before shipping it to the customer.

All our products and production process have the certificates of CE, ISO 9001 and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution)


Technology is our priority. Our company pioneered the sector with computer automated project and production systems since early 90’s. Today, our team of engineers and architects brings you the best solutions using their expertise supported by the latest technology.


After Sales

Two years warranty is one of our quality policies, however we leave zero margin for error in order for our customers to never have to deal with warranty. Our production line is staffed with highly qualified workers using latest German products and accessories for window production.

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